Buying a property for investment purposes is not the same as buying your own home

Make sure you check the credentials of people giving you real estate investing advice. Many a new real estate investor starts his or her career by seeking the guidance of a local real estate agent. The problem is most residential real estate agents know little about real estate investing. What’s worse is most agents think…

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Homeowners affected by the hurricanes are now falling behind on their mortgages.

In areas hit by Hurricane Irma, the number of borrowers who were at least 30 days past due increased 48 percent last month from August, according to Black Knight Inc. The figure surged 67 percent in Texas communities hurt by Harvey, the Jacksonville, Florida-based mortgage data and software firm said in a report today. Before…

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The Bridge Loan Market Is Surging Nationwide

The need for creative lending on quality deals has led to the creation of several new debt funds, as well as expansions of existing bank and agency programs. There has been no shortage of bridge financing providers with yields on these notes far surpassing what a bank could achieve on their conventional programs, or what…

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